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Lasercut.London is a forward thinking British creative design firm who put forward an innovative, modern and sustainable approach to every project.

Lasercut.London was set up in May 2013 by Chris McGee, with the intention of creating a new premium laser cutting service.

Through working with his clients, he quickly realised that what he was offering was more than just a cutting service and he pushed and developed the creative, project delivery and consulting side of the company. His current client base has grown to include some of the worlds best known brands, who all value his loyalty, quality and how he always go above and beyond to never let them down.

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Chris has worked within the design industry since 1997, but his passion started much younger. Taking things apart from before he was two years old to see why they worked, and getting his first drawing board at six years old. 

He was trained within the UK Defence industry, first as a machinist then as a designer focused on production. This level of training means that projects are always scrutinised for weak points first, and problems are designed away at the earliest stage.

As a natural perfectionist, the smallest details are always looked into, and processes are streamlined at the design stage to ensure that a project will always be viable.



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Creating a

Studio for

my clients

After a period of growth, I moved into a new studio space in 2018, which I developed to be both a hub for production and also a space for our clients to visit.

Showcasing materials and processes in a calm space where I can sit down and discuss a project on one side, and a laboratory-like making space next door housing everything needed to deliver your project. 

It was exciting and exhausting to create, but being able to develop everything from workflow to furniture meant that I could offer a full experience to my clients. I put our clients at the centre of my work, and the space was designed to include them rather than feel that they were intruding in my space when visiting.