Crossrail Models


Nearing the completion of London’s “Crossrail”, a 73-mile railway line under development in England that crosses London from east to west, I was contacted by Transport for London in regards to making two models of station for the “Design Line” exhibition at the London Transport Museum.


I in total created 4 sets. The last set was installed in June 2016 and have exceeded expectations in regards to resilience and hard wearing characteristics. In that time just two sets have been replaced and considering that these models are for children 2+ to play with they lasted a considerably longer than expected.

The material I chose was Valchromat, a wood fibre panel which is coloured throughout and often used in engineering for high physical performance and durability. The Initial expectations were that 12 sets were to be consumed per year, so 2 is an impressive feat. This was due to the correct design and material considerations. The only reason these models were needed was due to the exhibition being extended


Designing with


in mind





You Need


I also helped make a few other items for the exhibition, including cases and covers. There are many companies that would happily design something weak that would need to be replaced often, but the ethos is is that we want you happy, and if we design and make perfectly then I will have succeeded.Here are some photos from the design line exhibition itself.