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with you

I listen to your needs, and work with you to deliver intelligent and considered solutions to your design projects.

I utilise packages from Autodesk such as AutoCAD 2020 as well as Autodesk Fusion 360 to bring my designs to life. For more graphical applications I use the Coreldraw 2018 suite of programs as well as the Adobe Suite and Affinity Design.


With my design experience, I can take your idea and develop it rapidly into a final concept.

From here I can help with 3D visuals and physical prototypes. Whilst using lasers is at the core of what I do here, 22 years of industry experience has allowed me to develop and invest in a range of problem solving capabilities and machines, making what I can offer in house incredibly unique.


turnkey projects

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in town

I invested in my first laser as I felt that my needs for perfection were not being addressed in the current market.

I wanted to create a laser cutting company, that specialised in highly personal, high quality cutting that met and exceeded the needs of its clients. I invested my own personal money and time into the best and most technical laser I could afford.

 Fast forward 6 years and design accounts for most of my work, I recently purchased a much larger Trotec Laser with 2.5X the power and the cutting area of my previous machine. 

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I have reinvested into a photographic quality direct to surface printer, a small format CNC router and I have also diversified into 3D printing. As I believe that I need to continually bring new processes to the table for my clients.

Having all of these different processes in-house allows me to say yes to projects that many typically would have to outsource to achieve.

Being able to control all these processes means I can assure quality, and also delivery dates which is the most important thing when deadlines are concerned.


you need


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by creatives

Based in Thames-Side Studios I am surrounded by over 400 other creatives.

This includes fine artists, photographers, textile artists, makers, jewellers, designers, woodworkers, sculptors, upholsterers, product designers and many more.

Working in such inspiring environment with a wealth of knowledge and expertise allows me to take on any project that comes my way with confidence. Click on the link below to find out more.