Gaia Earth




I have been working with Gaia Earth Technologies since 2016. Undertaking many varied creative roles to help further the brand in both design and production.

The challenges of working within the oil industry mean that everything I create must not only perform well, but stand up to the rigours of industrial use. 

I wanted to add an element of design and technology into every product I created for them to ensure that not only were they functional, but also made them stand out above the competition.


Materials: Plastazote foam - Engraving laminates - Aluminium - PLA - PETG - Paint - MDF - Plywood - Acrylic

Services: Design - Development - Procurement - Laser-cutting - Laser-engraving - Packaging - 3D Printing

Timeline: 2016 To Date

Lasercut.London have transformed the packaging of our precision oilfield equipment, deployed in some of the harshest environments worldwide. We have been truly delighted by their ongoing innovations, creativity and customer focus; they are a critical partner for our business expansion, not simply a service provider. Time spent with Lasercut.London is a great investment - you will think differently about your product or service, gaining myriad fresh ideas and insights for the future. Most importantly, they always deliver top-end service: within budget, on time, and to the highest of standards – can’t ask for more.
— EUR ING Dr. Guy Wheater, Engineer & Designer, Gaia Earth Technologies