O2 10th Anniversary Awards


To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the O2 arena I was asked to create awards for a select few artists. After completing a few different designs for them to review the O2 picked my favourite. A multi-layer, UV blue representation of the dome itself. Perspex’s Fluorescent Neptune Blue holds a bold background that reacts to light as you move it around the award. In front of that are four layers of clear acrylic, each decreasing in size and with a different element of the logo engraved. So when you move to a direct view from the front the logo comes together from all the layers combining.

On top of the four large awards created I also made multiple miniature versions of the awards for the teams around each celebrity. The lucky artists included Jamiroquai, Alt-J, Celine Dion and Ed Sheehan. Below are some of the press pictures we were sent of the recipients.