3D Printing

S2 Events

S2 Events asked us to create a complex curved circular shape (roughly based on a few pictures that they had sent over) of which the interior could be no less than 400mm to allow for a plate to sit in the middle. The idea was to create a master form for a sand mould which could be later made in metal for decorative plate place mats to be used for a wedding in the Caribbean.

The form was created using a series of lofts and sweeps on 3 separate guides curves to create 1/4thof the decoration, which was then copied and rotated until a circular pattern was made.


This then needed to be split up into four pieces with a way to connect them to each other to be able to print them on our two in-house 3D printers (2 pieces on each printer).

We had just over a week to complete this, but with our knowledge and experience with CAD we were able to create the form in Fusion 360 in a couple of days and then split and slice it up to be printed for the deadline the following day.